IBH is now a Janssen certified Ketamine treatment center!

Our practice is certified to prescribe Spravato for the treatment of depression in adults who have tried other antidepressant medicines but have not benefited from them. 

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Welcome to Integrated Behavioral Health, Psychiatric Center of New Orleans, LA

Adult, Child, & Adolescent Mental Health – Providing knowledgeable, thoughtful, and compassionate mental health care to the New Orleans community

We accept the following insurances: Blue Cross Blue Shield, United, Optum/United Health, and Cigna. Private Pay Options also available.

Integrated Behavioral Health was established by Drs. Morson and Qalbani to provide expert psychiatric treatment and evaluation. Since 2010 we have specialized in caring for children, adolescents, and adults coping with mental illness. We also provide forensic assessments, psychological testing, and coordination of care with a multidisciplinary, integrated approach.

At Integrated Behavioral Health, we offer holistic, caring and experienced treatment for our patients while always incorporating the latest in medical and psychological advances.

Our philosophy is to provide individualized, comprehensive treatment through:

  • Carefully and openly addressing the specific concerns of our patients;
  • Providing the time and space needed to understand the often complex situation of every patient
  • Integrating a multi-disciplinary, evidence-based approach to each patient’s unique circumstances
  • Setting goals in partnership with patients to move forward towards their individual objectives
  • Ensuring continuity of care by providing a stable, ongoing relationship with your doctor and therapist



Establishing a therapeutic relationship.



Combines holistic approaches to psychotherapy and medicine.



A holistic, compassionate, and expert approach to assisting our clients.